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Instructure List conversations

List conversations.

Instructure Create a conversation

Create a conversation.

Instructure Batch update conversations

Batch update conversations.

Instructure Get running batches

Get running batches.

Instructure Find recipients

Find recipients.

Instructure Delete a conversation

Delete a conversation.

Instructure Get a single conversation

Get a single conversation.

Instructure Edit a conversation

Edit a conversation.

Instructure Add a message

Add a message.

Instructure Add recipients

Add recipients.

Instructure Delete a message

Delete a message.

Instructure Mark all as read

Mark all as read.

Instructure Unread count

Unread count.

Microsoft Graph List Conversations

List conversations Retrieve the list of conversations in this group.

Reverb Post Conversations Conversation Offer

Make an offer to the other participant in the conversation

Reverb Post Conversations Offer

Make an offer to the other participant in the conversation

Reverb Post Listings Listing Conversations

Post listings listing conversations.

Reverb Get My Conversations

Get a list of your conversations

Reverb Post My Conversations

Post my conversations.

Reverb Post My Conversations Conversation Messages

Post my conversations conversation messages.

Reverb Get My Conversations

Display conversation details with messages in natural time order (oldest to newest)

Reverb Put My Conversations

Mark a conversation read/unread

Slack Archive Conversation

Archives a conversation.

Slack Close Conversation

Closes a direct message or multi-person direct message.

Slack Create Conversation

Initiates a public or private channel-based conversation

Slack Get Conversation History

Fetches a conversation's history of messages and events.

Slack Get Conversation

Retrieve information about a conversation.

Slack Invite User To Conversation

Invites users to a channel.

Slack Join Conversation

Joins an existing conversation.

Slack Remove User From Conversation

Removes a user from a conversation.

Slack Leave Conversation

Leaves a conversation.

Slack List Conversations

Lists all channels in a Slack team.

Slack Get Conversation Members

Retrieve members of a conversation.

Slack Open Conversation

Opens or resumes a direct message or multi-person direct message.

Slack Rename Conversation

Renames a conversation.

Slack Reply Conversation

Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a conversation

Slack Set Conversation Purpose

Sets the purpose for a conversation.

Slack Set Conversation Topic

Sets the topic for a conversation.

Slack Unarchve Conversation

Reverses conversation archival.

Slack Open Dialog

Open a dialog with a user

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